5 Star Service, 5 Star Reviews

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If you rent out your holiday home, there’s one thing you want more than anything else. Bookings. And in today’s internet based, all-connected world, getting bookings means getting great reviews.

Sure, you need your property to be found in all the right places, but let’s face it, putting a listing on Airbnb or dozens of other sites is hardly rocket science. What really matters, is the experience your guests receive.

Did they love it? Do they rave about it? Will they post about it? Most important of all, will they tell a friend?

That’s the focus we take. Providing your guests with the type of stay they’d usually expect from a great hotel. Because 5-star service is the best thing we know of to get 5-star reviews.

To find out more, get in touch on +64 (0)9 638 2551 or email us and we will contact with you.

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Waiheke Escapes
134 Ocean View Road, Oneroa, Waiheke Island 1081

General enquiries Ph: (09) 638 2551
Email: holiday@waihekeescapes.co.nz